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COMETVA SA is an established producer of a wide range of forged copper components for the ferroalloys industry, and thanks to our recognized experience recent developments have been done to provide solutions to the nuclear and aeronautics sectors.

In 1980, COMETVA SA started with the manufacturing of forged copper electrode components to address the problems associated with components made from a variety of cast materials.

About us


COMETVA SA components have a significant dominance in the local and international market due to the quality of our raw material used, design and manufacturing processes. These processes have been developed and refined over the past 40 years to ensure a product that is purposefully designed for each customer and application.

The robustness, reliability and quality of our products result in constant furnace operation over the equipment’s proven life, with the direct result of excellent furnace performance and the electrical use optimization.


Our equipment is dedicated and customized to best meet the expectations of our customers. The high purity and quality forged copper ensures that efficient heat and electrical conduction as well as the physical integrity remains functional under almost any operating condition.

All these advantages make COMETVA SA components the Best Available Technique around the world and allow our customers to enjoy the benefit when compared with their competitors. 


Our success and proven track record in the world (more than 100 furnaces supplied) are founded in our experience as a supplier of copper components with clients as ELKEM, ERAMET, FerroGlobe, Glencore.

Complete reference list of accomplished projects available upon request.

Thanks to our local commercial agents in various part of the world, we keep a close contact with users to stay available in all cases.


Components that we aim to constantly improve upon for many years to come. 



Our aim is to bring to our customers, the best products in term of innovation, quality, safety and also the most eco friendly solution.





  • Contact shoes

  • Pressure rings with pressure bellows

  • Heat shields

  • Raw material feed chute tips.

  • Furnace Hood

Thanks to our innovating spirit, we are the only producer of forged copper part to provide technical solution of contact shoes without plug at the bottom part and with a homogeneous cooling on all the surface. This is the Best Available Technique around the world to reduce the safety and environment risks linked to a SAF operations.

Thanks to the very high copper purity, life span of the equipment is increased as well as the availability and stability of your furnace, resulting in a significant improvement of your economical performance.

Thanks to our technology, you will also be able to increase your furnace power to optimize your competitiveness. In our experience, production can be raised by 20 to 50% compared to the original design.

As all our pieces are tailor made, please do not hesitate to send us your project and your expectation, we will be glad to find a solution to your needs. 

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Different solutions for the slipping device:

  • Hydraulique solution, pressure around the casing is assured thanks to cylinders, pressure applied can be easily adjusted. Very safe and reliable solution for large electrode.

  • Air pillows solution, are used to apply pressure around the electrode. Very easy to use and reliable solution. 





After more than 10 years of R&D and industrial tests, we can now offer you a new solution for the casting and crushing process that will improve your economical performance and your environmental footprint.
With rotating or vibrating casting machine equipped with cooled COFOR® forged copper plate, we can provide a solution to cast your alloys from 10 to 100 mm thickness, with huge improvements on production quality and reduction of fines generation (more than 50% reduction). 
This machine will also decrease the handling and time required between the tapping and the packing operations. 
More information available on request.



Thanks to our long-term experience in the ferro-alloys industry, we can support you on two mains topics.


COMETVA SA is able to assist you in your project of refurbishment or new furnace thanks to our engineering department.

We can cover all the engineering of your electrodes or complete furnace and supply you all equipments.



Rue des Creusets, 16 1950 Sion Switzerland

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